How to run ads which converts?

Are you a businessperson struggling to run ads which converts and land high quality leads to you.

Follow these steps to run ads effectively👉🏻

⚫️Clarify your value proposition

When you know what you are offering is a great way to get feedback about your ad content and audience.

⚫️Tell a great story

⚫️Write convincing copy

If you have an amazing product but the way you write a story around it which doesn’t justify your product, then you need to rethink and write a convince full copy along with the graphical presentation of your ad has to be mesmerising

⚫️Choose the right ad objective

You need to identify your customers funnel, accordingly you need to land them in website or engagement or message.

⚫️Create Relevant target audience

Running ads on a massive audience without proper buyer persona and target audience creation is like floating in a big sea, research your most interested group of people and create an audience containing those people

⚫️Check Metrics and insights

It is always suggested to revise your overall ad strategy by looking at the insights of better performing ads

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