How To Run Successful Facebook Messenger Ads.

Updated: May 29, 2020

Well for this you need to clear your objective that what you want to achieve from the messenger ads

Well it seems a small concept but it very wide but i will give every possible details to get you make best out of it

First of all there are two types of messenger ads

  1. promotional messenger ads shown to the people from saved audience, look alike audience or custom audience

  2. Sponsored messages these types of messenger ads are directly shown to the people who have already had an conversation with our brand

Now lets talk about how to get the best result from the ads

The most important thing thing anybody should do is identify the right objective & the right audience

Right objective

On Facebook there are too many people surfing a lot of things how to make sure that they will be taking interst in your product and services to assure that you need to prepare your goal from the advertisements

The goal can be to get more customers on the website, or to start conversation with the interested customers

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